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The O’Hare Runway Incursion of December 20th, 1972

Today’s podcast is on a catastrophe that’s relatively unknown in the realm of airline crashes and catastrophes, but the effects as a result of the investigation into the crash is something that we can see, and live with to this day.  As a matter of fact, you basically pay honor or tribute to all those […]

The Great Chicago Fire

While I haven’t had a chance to do a podcast lately (real life has kept me busy!), I have had a chance to listen to other podcasters here and there.  And it’s no secret that I love the ones from Discovery Channel, especially Stuff You Missed In History Class and Stuff You Should Know.  Well on […]

The Crash of American Airlines Flight #191 at Chicago, May 25th, 1979

I put together today’s podcast with the thought of publishing it today, the 33rd anniversary of the crash of an American Airlines DC10 that left Chicago for Los Angeles.  You can download the podcast at the link above (Click Podcast RSS on the upper right hand side of the page), download the podcast by clicking […]