4 Responses to A First-Hand Account of the Crash of North Central Airlines Flight 575 on December 20, 1972

  1. Virginia

    There was no flight attendant at the front door because she was knocked out by the passengers fleeing the aircraft.

    • Todd Overgard

      My assumption was that she jumped, but I wasn’t there. Where did you hear that she was “knocked out”? I assume that you mean pushed out and not literally knocked out. There was initially panic as people pushed forward, so your statement is certainly possible.

  2. Joe D

    A good friend of mine, Beverly Long, died on this flight, and her sister and her sister’s husband, named Wolf, also died. They were all from Edgewater, Florida. Beverly and her sister were on the way to the funeral of their mother in LaCrosse. At the time, without today’s internet access, we all received little detail except that they died in a collision on the ground. Even the NTSA report wasn’t easily accessible then.
    Thank you for providing these details. Even 44 years later it doesn’t make the loss easier, but it is helpful to have more information on what happened.

  3. Todd Overgard

    To Joe D: I;m so sorry for your loss. I was lucky to be sitting where I was.

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