The 1918 Spanish Flu

In this, my first podcast in 10 months, I talk about an illness that gripped the world over 100 years ago, the 1918 Spanish Flu.  From the origins of the epidemic to the four waves that spread across the globe, this remains one of the most deadly epidemics in human history.

I touch on quite a bit, but the part that’s the most fascinating is how San Francisco cut itself off from the rest of the world during the second wave of the flu.  And then, after doing so well, and after catering to “anti-quarantine/anti-mask-wearing” individuals, San Francisco opened themselves back up – just in time to be decimated by a third wave.  This info needs to broadcast for people to watch today – especially the anti-quarantine/anti-mask-wearing folks who insist on keeping us unsafe by their need to go out for a drink and a haircut.

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