Been Delayed Again

Yes, real life has once again delayed the podcast!

First it was the job situation. Like many people out there, my job is somewhat in jeopardy, so being able to have the energy to do something as fun as I consider the podcast was just not happening.  It’s hard to focus on something you consider fun when your professional life comes to a screeching halt around you.

And then came the fires.  It started with a horrid windstorm here in the Pacific Northwest, which spurred many of the fires you see.  We happen to live out in the rural part of Oregon, even though we’re not far from the Portland city limits (about four miles as the crow flies).  We had a power outage that lasted more than 24 hours, and then as soon as it came back, we were told that we may have to evacuate at a minutes notice because the fires were moving with such ferocity that some people didn’t get notice at all.  We were in limbo for several days until the weather turned.  And though we wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, we couldn’t because of all the ash and smoke that choked our area.

Things have calmed down, and the fires are abating.  Two months of absolute pandemonium, finally at a quiet roar.

So the podcast will get back in the next month.  I look forward to recording it and hearing your thoughts!

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