An Update on Air France Flight #447

The findings are out on the crash of Air France flight #447, and it’s not good.

Basically, there’re a couple of things that stand out of the article (which you can read here) – one of which scares the hell out of me.  The French bureau in charge of investigating the crash (Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses) had to recreate some of the data, because they weren’t sure exactly why the crew would follow the advice of the flight director (that told them to pull up), but ignored – 70 times – the stall alarm.

The only thing scarier?  This quote:

 They also concluded that the still-connected flight director behaved in a way that is not specific to the A330.

This means that potentially every single Airbus flying today could be affected by this.

If you asked me, this needs to be investigated thoroughly – and changes either made to the Airbus programming, or the grounding of all Airbus aircraft.

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