Quick thoughts on the Hyatt Regency episode

So after I published the podcast, I sat down and watched the A&E special “Minute By Minute” programs linked in the previous blogpost, and have to say I’ve changed my mind about something.  I didn’t watch the episode beforehand, because I didn’t want it tainting the research I’d done.

At the end of my podcast, I’d said something about the Engineers that approved the design that didn’t paint them in the best light. But one of those same Engineers was in the A&E program – and he took full responsibility for the actions that had happened. As he said, “My signature was on those plans, and the buck stops with me. I’m responsible.”

That’s just not something I’m used to hearing… So while it doesn’t change the catastrophe of that fateful evening back in 1981, it sure as hell changes my opinion of the Engineers in charge.

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