News coming late?

So there’s an article that came across my desk just now that’s titled, “The Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster Finally Solved?“.  It delves into the disaster itself, and how studies have now pretty much concluded that the airship was brought down by a leak in one of the hydrogen tanks, a buildup of static electricity, and when one of the landing ropes touched the ground – effectively “completing the circuit”.  This means all you needed was a little spark, and BANG!

Who knows.  It’s been over 75 years, and we probably will never, ever know for sure.  But it’s good that people are still looking into it.  Because the more we understand yesterday, the better we can deal with tomorrow.

Hopefully there’ll be a podcast soon.  Life has been absolutely insane, and freetime and I haven’t seemed to be able to meet as of late.  No promises, but possibly this upcoming Friday for our next episode.

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