The Limnic Eruption of Lake Nyos of August, 1986

Today’s podcast touches on a more obscure natural phenomenon that occurred in Cameroon back in 1986.  The limnic eruption of Lake Nyos, when submerged carbon dioxide gas was suddenly forced to the surface, is something that doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, the results are deadly.

As usual, you can download the podcast at this link, find us on iTunes, or listen to the podcast in the embedded player below.

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2 Responses to The Limnic Eruption of Lake Nyos of August, 1986

  1. Harry

    Hi, I know this is like 5 years old, but for some reason the embedded player is playing the Kansas City episode. The download link is fine though.

    • walterh

      EEEP! Thanks for letting me know! I went ahead and updated it with the new streaming link. I need to update all the old posts with new streaming links, but this one is done for now. Thanks!

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